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''Stage 21'' Service Pack - £50


To who commutes every day, this service should be done every 3 months.

Is suitable for who wants a cleaned and serviced bike.

What we do:

  - Cleaning service - Frame & Forks

  - M- check (Pre-inspection) 

  - Bearing Wear Inspection 

  - Check Bottom Bracket and Adjusted

  - Check Chain adjust and lubricated

  - Check brakes cables & pads lubricate and adjust.

  - Check for loose spokes and true if necessary.

  - Check the headset for a free movement and wear, adjust as required

  - Check saddle, bars, and levers position to the rider

  - Check the fitting of mudguards, racks, and bottle cages for security 

  - Gears Checked And Set-Up/Adjusted

  - Check Frame & Fork for damage/alignment 

  - Bike-Torque - Checks include crank arms, pedals, and steering bolts 

  - Check wheel rims for damage, dents, cracks, rims worn past marker and flat braking surface 

  - Drivetrain Clean and Lubrication

  - Remove quick-release skewers clean and lightly lubricate 

  - Shifters and derailleurs checked and lubricated, cables lubricated or replaced and gear system set up as per manufacturers specifications

 - Spoke Tension Check And Adjustment

  - Wheels, installed, tightened, trued and hubs adjusted

  - Check Tyres for wear and inflated to correct pressure

  - Full safety check report with recommendations and advice.

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