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''Vital'' Service Pack - £35


For a quick safety check of your bike, it is everything is rolling as supposed to.

At, we are dedicated to keeping your bicycle in optimal condition, ensuring your safety and riding pleasure. Our mobile bicycle workshop brings convenience to your doorstep, home or workplace, providing comprehensive services to address all your biking needs. This service comprehends in the next features:

  1. Brakes Cables & Pads: We inspect and adjust brake cables, ensuring proper tension and alignment. Brake pads are carefully examined for wear and replaced if necessary, guaranteeing reliable stopping power.

  2. Gears: Our team meticulously tunes your bike's gears, optimizing shifting performance and ensuring smooth transitions between gears. We check for any misalignments or issues that may hinder your biking experience.

  3. Bits & Bolts: We focus on the minor details, tightening loose bits and bolts throughout your bicycle. This step ensures structural integrity and prevents potential safety hazards.

  4. Wheels: We inspect the condition of your wheels, checking for proper alignment, spoke tension, and overall stability. We provide wheel truing services if needed, allowing for a smoother and more balanced ride.

  5. Drivetrain: Our technicians thoroughly clean, lubricate, and examine your bike's drivetrain components. This includes the chain, cassette, and crankset, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

  6. Shifters, Cables, and Derailleurs: We assess the functionality of your shifters, cables, and derailleurs, making any necessary adjustments or replacements. Our goal is to provide precise and effortless shifting for an enjoyable ride.

  7. Tires: We inspect the condition of your tires, checking for tread wear, sidewall damage, and proper inflation. We offer expert advice on tire pressure and recommend replacements if needed, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride.

In addition to our comprehensive services, we complete a full safety check report for your bike. Our information includes detailed recommendations and advice tailored to your specific bicycle, ensuring that potential issues are addressed promptly.

At, we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Our mobile bicycle workshop brings the expertise and convenience you deserve, so you can focus on enjoying your ride with peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the exceptional service provided by

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